Quality Assurance

We have created the industry’s only Four Star Quality Assurance Program which ensures our signs are created with the highest possible quality; delivered on time to meet your deadline and installed with industry leading best practices.

“We insisted upon using an experienced sign company that understood the importance of quality fabrication, timely installation and competitive pricing. We highly recommend them as a reputable company with integrity and vast experience.”
Springwood Land Corporation

Landale Certified

Four Star
Quality Assurance Program


Project Plan

Performed prior to fabrication and serves as a measure of proper planning.


Visual Inspection

Performed during the mid point of fabrication. This will help to identify any current or future project obstacles.


Final Inspection

Performed internally upon the completion of the signage project to ensure there are no defects and that meticulous craftsmanship was performed throughout the creation process.


Installation Inspection

Performed upon final installation of the sign. The installation must meet our internally defined performance metrics in order for the project to become officially certified. Once complete, you receive your certificate.