Signage is physical, symbolic and real. It will deliver millions of impressions to your community and can send either a negative or positive message about your brand. If done properly, it convinces your customers to enter your business and to purchase goods and services. If done poorly, then you damage your brand’s health and risk the loss of future customers and revenues.

It’s time to re-think how you view the value of signage. Business today is different than in the past; it requires constant innovation and a deeper understanding of your internal and external environment. Signage must never be an afterthought of your business strategy. It is often the most critical form of business communication and is an integral reflection of your brand, image and corporate identity. At Landale Signs™ we have transcended beyond the basics of traditional signage advertising. Our high quality solutions are intentionally designed to capture your physical identity and when done properly, it invokes the deep emotional and cultural connections with your customers and reinforces your brand experience.
Get the advantage.

Did You Know?
  • Signage attracts over 50% of your customers
  • Signage is often the least expensive and most effective form of advertising
  • Signage often has the highest return on investment for your advertising dollar
  • Signage increases sales and generates profit

Source: US Chamber of Commerce

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