Who says you can’t give an old truck a new look?

October 19th, 2011

 Landale Signs™ partnered with EM Plastic to bring new life to an old truck.  Many in the industry have seen the “old” EM delivery truck.  A little dog-eared, like a well-loved book, but it gets the job done.  “In a bid to jazz up this asset in the EM delivery fleet, and staying within some pretty tight budgetary constraints, the team at Landale managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat and give EM Plastic a new truck, minus the new truck price!  And the unique look and design of the 3D imaging means that this truck stands out in a crowd” states Laura Brown, Vice President of Landale Signs.

The project was a very involved one, starting with some basic photographs, the design team digitized all the elements allowing for full 3D rendering  –  so much more than what the industry uses now.  The software used is not typically used in the sign industry.  It allows the designer to take images, rotate them and light them with special effects lighting in a complete virtual environment. The result is incredible; it cannot be captured by any fixed image photography.  The human eye is the only way the images can be fully appreciated. In today’s environment this type of imagery is very rare… less than 1% of trucks supporting graphics use it.   The effect, in simple terms, allows viewers to feel as though they can see what’s inside the truck and potentially be able to walk through the image.

“My original goals were to do something above industry standard while presenting a simple image of what EM represents…. Landale Signs took the initial ideas and completed the project from concept through design, printing, and installation,” says Harvey Guhl of EM Plastic. 

The project, a partnership between supplier and customer, was an unknown.  All parties entered into this project not 100% sure of the result, and all were thrilled with the end product.  This is truly an example of how vehicle wraps can give companies a face-lift, without having to buy a whole new vehicle.  “With these kinds of results”, says Laura Brown, “who wouldn’t see the benefits of investing in vehicle graphics?”

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