Landale Signs™ Lands 1st Place in Canada

September 2nd, 2009


In 2009 the Sign Association of Canada hosted its annual signage design competition with record breaking attendance and contest submissions from the best-in-class sign manufacturers across Canada. Landale Signs™ was proud to be in the company of world class signage artisans.

First Place was achieved by Landale Signs™ in the highly competitive category of Specialty Graphics. Landale Signs™ helped Freson Brothers rebanner strategically located grocery stores in Alberta with a heritage grass roots identity. Landale Signs™ visited the actual site locations of various farming communities to capture the perfect images. In addition to taking original photography and editing complex historical photos, bulkhead graphics were produced in astounding 80 foot lengths. This multi-site turnkey indoor signage project helped the customer capture the essence of genuine small town values while focusing on the brand promise to deliver premium quality grocery products.

This particular project was all about transformation. The goal was to take real historical photos that were of poor quality and transform them into massive crystal clear modern large scale visuals. This meant achieving an intimate understanding of the core principles that built the legacy of excellence for the Freson Brothers. “We visited the historical sites, smelled the air and lived the experience for ourselves; in fact, we photographed the actual cows you see the Dairy Section of the stores. We are often considered outdoor signage experts however this accolade exemplifies our unique ability to provide unparallel indoor signage solutions, especially large format digital prints” states Michael Yurechuk, Executive Vice President of Landale Signs™.

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