Clean. Green. Friendly.

Our philosophy is for every one of our employees to promote and embrace a responsible work environment that makes the earth a better place. We believe that little changes make a big difference. We believe in the basics of reducing, reusing and recycling. Our green platform and commitment to improving the quality of environment for all stakeholders in our communities and for our future generation is a critical component of our corporate social responsibility program.

We believe in a green office.

Many signs are illuminated and we lead the sign industry by beta testing new products like energy efficient lights and LEDs for General Electric. We design our illuminated products to use less physical lights with more energy efficient bulbs that result in substantial aggregate cost savings and a cleaner earth. We reuse and recycle our paper and use electronic communications whenever it is appropriate. The profits from our vending machines are donated to charity. Taking it one step further, the empty cans are also donated to a charity that benefits from recycling efforts.

We believe in a green shop.

In 2016 we diverted over 7 tonnes of recycled materials from landfills which dramatically reduced the harm of greenhouse gases. We properly dispose of paints and solvents to reduce the negative impact to the environment. Plastic containers are recycled and plastic packaging is reused in shipping. We recycle our aluminum and other metals as it takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than it does to make it from raw material. We also reuse wooden pallets that results in saving approximately 30 trees annually.
Get greener.