Landale Signs™ makes purchasing outdoor, indoor and vehicle signage solutions simple and straightforward. No hidden costs. No unanticipated obstacles. We are pleased to share with you the uncomplicated approach to a rather complex process of purchasing the most important advertising medium for your business.

Very few sign manufacturers have a clearly defined sign purchasing process. Without knowing the definitive process of buying a sign you will be very confused and can be at massive risk as your project may take longer and may cost more than anticipated. You need to understand what services the manufacturer is willing and not willing or capable of doing for your business.

Symptoms of an unclear process:
  • Mission critical grand openings are missed
  • Targeted signage installation dates are missed
  • There is no project plan with targeted completion dates for various activities
  • Poor communication causes ongoing confusion and frustration
  • Permit, zoning and landlord approval issues are often neglected which delays the project
  • CSA and/or engineering approval is often missing, exposing you to risk of safety compliance
Our process